Why It’s Time to Retire the Joint-By-Joint Approach

There are seemingly few things more sacred in the fitness industry than the “Joint by Joint Approach,” which is attributed to Mike Boyle and Gray Cook, 15 or so years ago.

This, (at the time) revolutionary theory stated that the human body is made up of alternating segments of ‘mobile’ and ‘stabile’ joints, and/or alternating segments of ‘mobile’ joints move on segments of ‘stable’ joints. Thus changing the way we look at “mobility.”

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If you were expecting an attack on the joint by joint approach, or more specifically an attempt to debunk the joint by joint approach, you’ve come to…

Improve the Core, Strengthen the Lower Back, and More While Improving Overall Movement Quality

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Last week on my Instagram, I posted (HERE) a few of our “Devil’s Kegel Squat” exercise variations. It got a lot of engagement in terms of likes, saves, and DM’s asking questions about it, so I thought it would be beneficial to elaborate more on the principles and concepts of the post, as well as more of the progression scheme.

The post reads…

A client dubbed these variations “Devil’s Kegel Squats” and the name stuck.

Do they go in our Hip Flexion progressions? Yes.

Do they go in our Pelvis Ribcage connection category of “Core” progressions? Yes.

Do they go…

While First Being Terribly Unlucky

There are five absolute truths in life…

  1. Death.
  2. Taxes.
  3. People will always hate The New York Yankees because they are jealous, while The New York Jets will never win, no matter how hard my father prays.
  4. If there are additional or “random additional” screenings for security, such as in airports, etc, I will be selected. (Other stories for other times)
  5. If there is a component of luck involved, I will be at the losing end of it.

All of these are absolute truths, with only the last, having one sole exception and with no surprise to those who know me…

What I’ve Learned — “Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting” MasterClass

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Love Me Some Aaron Sorkin-Intro

Around 2003/2004, I stumbled upon the “Sports Night” DVDs. I liked sports. I liked journalism. I liked sports journalism…

It was written by the same guy who wrote “A Few Good Men” which was a movie I enjoyed very much. Made complete sense as an “impulse buy”.

I remember watching the DVDs and I was surprised at how much I was enjoying them. To my (somewhere around) 18-year-old cave man brain, it didn’t seem like the episodes were “about all that much” and one could argue they were a little “chick flick-y.” Casey and Dana were a little too “Ross…

Frankie Numbnuts, A You Suck Karen, David Bowie and Enormous Middle-Aged Breasts

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Frankie Numbnuts

That’s what I remember him as.

In reality, his name was “Frankie Nu-Something-Italian.” But he was a numbnuts and I am not that original, so there you have it.

Frankie Numbnuts, while I never met him, was without a doubt “one of those” — whom my veteran grandfather would make fun of for being soft. Frankie couldn’t walk uphill once in wilderness gear, let alone both ways barefoot in the snow, for anything.

He was interested in one of my friends. While never confirmed from her, it is safe to say she wasn’t interested in him, but he would incessantly…

Unfortunate Punches to the Face, Locker Room Etiquette, and Poop

Source: Author (via UFC)

I don’t know exactly what he did.

At the last minute and 2 weeks before my last semester of college, the friend who had gotten me the cushy and sweetly paid internship position that awaited me where he also worked, got fired from said employment…

Apparently for something severe enough to also “fire me” from my upcoming position. I found myself in a pickle.

Left with 2 weeks until the start of the semester, the same time until when my internship was supposed to start and… no internship. And no prospects either.

Emailing my advisor, more than a little unhappy…

8 Times “Learning Was Hard” Edition

When kids evolve from talking to progressively learning the English language, you are quickly reminded how many things in it don’t quite make sense.

Parenthood has a way of reminding and showing some other things don’t quite make sense either, sometimes in humorous ways.

Here are 8 amusing times learning was hard for Hannah, my 4.5 year old, first born of three…

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Not Everything Is Literal

Reading her the “Bug Book”…

“Why is it called a dung beetle?” she asks.

“Because they are beetles and they roll dung which is another word for poop,” I respond.

“What is that one called?” she points to…

What I’ve Learned — “Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing” MasterClass

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Malcolm Gladwell, a journalist and writer best known for unique perspectives on popular culture including:

How social epidemics result from a combination of seemingly arbitrary contextual details (“The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference”). Common characteristics in what makes one successful (“Outliers: The Story of Success”). How perceived disadvantages are actually advantages (“David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants”)

What follows is a “quotes only” (a la Esquire’s “What I’ve Learned”) account of quote notes I took in consuming his MasterClass (hence my direct words in italics to differentiate).

Here’s what you’ll…

How To Read More While “Filling Your Cup”, Destressing, And Removing Negativity — With No Time Added To Your Days

Being far, far overdue for actually organizing and categorizing my hundreds of books into a bookshelf, obviously so I could take myriad #shelfies…

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…but also because I had gotten full bore back into reading, thus buying more books.

But also, I was having more and more trouble finding books that I was looking for as they were in multiple locations and unable to find some altogether.

This pursuit of bookshelf organizing, turns out to be quite the catalyst.

Bookshelf Breakthroughs

AKA The Quest For a Perfect “Shelfie” Ah-Ha’s

There were multiple initial discoveries as I set forth on the project of aggregating all the books and organizing them into their…

And One Of The Biggest Gamechangers of 2020 For Me

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“Can I be blunt of this subject? If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”
- Stephen King “On Writing”

And if you don’t have the tools or the ability to write, getting your message out and effective content marketing will be significantly harder, if not impossible.

And if you can’t get your message out nor have effective content marketing, you can’t market in 2020/21.

And if you can’t market, whether yourself or your business in 2020/21, that is problematic in the least.

You need reading for writing…

Danny Twoguns

Dad of 3 under 4. Gym owner. Digital Marketing Agency owner. Continuing Education Nerdy Nerd. Helping the helpers.

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