2021 Continuing Education Chronicles - Part 3

Erie to Santa Clarita

In “On The Plain of Snakes,” iconic travel writer Paul Theroux writes…

My Top Reads For the First Half of 2021

Alastair Humphreys

Microadventures: Local Discoveries For Great Escapes
My Midsummer Morning

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Parenthood, “On-The-Way” Over “Getting There”, and Enjoying The Long Days In The Short Years

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2021 Continuing Education Chronicles - Part 2

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“Why/How Are You In So Many Coaching Groups?”

February 2013 I attended my first coaching group meeting/mastermind as a new business owner and longer an independent contractor, the Results Fitness University Mastermind.

2021 Continuing Education Chronicles - Part I

That Are Probably Worth Stealing

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1 - Commonplace Book

Why It’s Time to Retire the Joint-By-Joint Approach

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Improve the Core, Strengthen the Lower Back, and More While Improving Overall Movement Quality

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While First Being Terribly Unlucky

  1. Death.
  2. Taxes.
  3. People will always hate The New York Yankees because they are jealous, while The New York Jets will never win, no matter how hard my father prays.
  4. If there are additional or “random additional” screenings for security, such as in airports, etc, I will be selected. (Other stories for other times)
  5. If there is a component of luck involved, I will be at the losing end of it.

What I’ve Learned — “Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting” MasterClass

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Love Me Some Aaron Sorkin-Intro

Around 2003/2004, I stumbled upon the “Sports Night” DVDs. I liked sports. I liked journalism. I liked sports journalism…

Danny Twoguns

Dad of 3 under 4. Gym owner. Digital Marketing Agency owner. Continuing Education Nerdy Nerd. Helping the helpers.

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