On Creating Engaging Content, Reading, Writers, And Writing

What I’ve Learned — “Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing” MasterClass

Photo by Author (Via MasterClass)

On Reading

Read to Discover Intent. The way to keep your reader in mind as a writer is first and foremost to be a reader.
And when I say that, I don’t just mean someone who reads but I mean someone who takes the task of reading seriously.

On Writers

If you do something that catches people’s attention, the world will find you. Not always, but the world is pretty good at finding talent.



Another mistake people make is they assume that if something is not current, it’s not useful…

Following Your Curiosity. I think you have to feel free to go down roads that don’t lead anywhere immediately.


On Holding Readers (Captivating Content)

Cultivate Surprise. As a writer, your job is to get people to keep going.

On Structure

Writing should be simple enough that it does not defeat the reader.


Tone and Voice

On Storytelling / Being Engaging

You can find gold in the smallest of details if you’re willing to.

I do think in my mind how important it is to trespass in foreign territories.

On Writing (Creating Content)

You want them to say, ‘That is me’ or even better, ‘That is a version of me I’ve never seen before, but I think it’s true. I think you’ve revealed something about me to myself’.

Drafts and Revisions

On Jargon

Humor and Melancholy

If you think of that idea of sadness as authenticity, then rule number one is that no element of your description or discussion of that topic can be inauthentic.

Writer’s Block

If we kill the heart patient, we just get to operate again. Make use of that extraordinary freedom.

Dad of 3 under 4. Gym owner. Digital Marketing Agency owner. Continuing Education Nerdy Nerd. Helping the helpers.

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